We design brands for digital space

Brands are more than just visual identity. An engaging and coherent user experience is essential to the perception of a brand.


We craft elegant & clean solutions

Always seeking the right tool for the task, we are convinced that a slick frontend deserves an equally refined Content Management System.


We com­pose experiences with meaning

Recent advances in the field of web technology allow us to merge tried and true principles of graphic design with novel possibilities of interaction.

Art Direction

We create visions and bring them to life

No matter what it takes to make a brand stand out and a website shine, we will make it happen – be it Photography, 3D, motion design or copywriting.


Code Wizard

We’re seeking a talented person to join our small and agile team as a developer. If you share our love for great design and are skilled in PHP and JS/jQuery, don’t be shy and get in touch. We don’t believe in a strict separation of tasks, but in tight collaboration and blurring the boundaries between code and design. Working freelance is an option, location in Stuttgart, Germany would be ideal. Drop us a line —



  • 2013
  • E-commerce
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Best Kiteboarding is the world’s largest manufacturer of kitesurfing gear. Our task was to redesign their online presence from the ground up.

E-commerce. Creating a successful online shopping experience means keeping a strong focus on conversion rates and SEO best practices.
Mobile Optimized. We aimed to reduce visual complexity while keeping all functionality intact.
Team rider profiles are integrated tightly with Best’s product palette, enabling users to keep up with their favorite athletes and find out what gear they use.
Interactive and animated widgets aid with the communication of product features, helping customers to choose the right gear for their needs.
A Striking Appearance. A colourful and contrasting palette serves to represent the brand’s action-fueled spirit.


  • 2013
  • Mobile App
  • View

Our engagement with this project started with the creation of the brand from scratch. We then defined the complete user experience and developed a fully functional mobile app prototype and an accompanying website.

The app offers coupons for discounts and free copies of magazines and newspapers.
Digital Coupons can be saved and later redeemed at kiosks in the nearbies.
Nearby Kiosks can be located via a map interface.
Checkout After scanning a QR response code the redemption process can be completed.
Inspiration came from the Swedish ‘gåva’ (gift, donation) and the English ‘go’.
Device Independence Naturally, a website for mobile app demands a fully responsive design approach
The Website uses nifty animations to introduce the app’s look, feel and functionality.

Merz & Benzing

Unique home & garden concept store Merz & Benzing asked us to create a contemporary and defining concept for their online presence. We rebuilt it from the ground up and infused it with an unobtrusive and light-hearted vibe.

Inspiring An elegant execution is an open invitation to experience the store first-hand
Colorful Dichromatic design schemes set the mood for each season
Responsive Our mobile-first approach ensures a coherent and exciting user experience
Rhythmical The alternating grid creates a vibrant and distinguishing page flow

The Ecology Center

  • 2013
  • Nonprofit
  • View

Californian The Ecology Center needed a fresh take on their online identity and a more enganging platform for communicating their activities.

A Perfect Place for Change The Ecology Center’s real life home.
DIY Spirit The variety of programs and resources are presented editorial-style.
Responsive No matter if tablet, desktop or mobile — the experience adapts for perfect legibility.


  • 2012
  • E-Commerce
  • View

We created a complete rebranding of the Rocaille visual identity. Our solution involves a consistent design and an uncluttered online shopping experience.

Lookbook We found compelling ways to display products on models.
Features Lush product photography sets entry points into the catalogue.
Catalogue We redefined how the catalogue is displayed both on and off model.
Mobile Our design looks great on mobile devices too.

Merz Akademie

  • 2011
  • Education
  • View

This project required the aggregation of many different content types from various contributors. We devised a specially tailored CMS and visualised the project in a playful yet durable way.

Identity Details
Student Projects The ever-changing ‘pinboard’ invites the user to explore and discover.
Mobile The scalable grid system adapts to various screen sizes.


  • 2012
  • Portfolio
  • View

For Siegelwerk we came up with a clean and distinguished portfolio experience. In order to capture the diversity and complexity of event design, we developed an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that allows for the assembly of text, videos and images into a collage.

Logo The seal is the linchpin of the visual identity we created for Siegelwerk.
Project Details Some of the grids created with our custom layout tool.
Overview Subtle typography gives prominence to photographic content.


  • 2012
  • E-Commerce

We transported the lush brand imagery of Feynest into digital space and created an easy-to-use yet beautiful e–commerce presence. A full screen scrolling lookbook sets the tone for the shopping experience to follow.

Lookbook The user is welcomed with photos from the latest collection.
Shop Our custom e-commerce system trims the unnecessary and makes shopping a breeze.


Design Principles

The following principles (inspired by D. Rams) guide all of our ideas, creative visions and implementation. Our workflow involves constantly matching our decisions against these principles to make sure we are always on the right track.

  • 1


    Utilize new technologies and interface design concepts for better design solutions.

  • 2


    Craft elaborate and graceful user experiences that are truly engaging.

  • 3


    Focus on the essential and only deploy what is necessary for a given task.

  • 4


    Be fluent in the visual language of fashion, but create designs that outlast one season.

  • 5


    The user experience has to be predictable, self explanatory and unintrusive.

  • 6


    The design needs to automatically adjust to all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • 7


    Dynamic front-end interactions should contribute to the communication of content.

  • 8


    Adhere to principles of usability and accessibility for an inclusive web experience.


The Cycle

Our design and development process always stems from a working prototype that is discussed and refined over time, until it is eventually ready for prime time. This dynamic process is determined by a number of iterations over several key steps.



Understand the fundamentals of the task and do the required research in order to come up with an initial strategy.



Organize the collected data and define a hierarchy of priorities and content types. Create an architecture that reflects these structures.



Convey these initial ideas into drafts that show how the content could be displayed and start porting the core brand values into the digital space.



Translate the core concept into actual code in order to create an interactive prototype that can help identify possible pitfalls or additional requirements.



Make sure the prototype fulfills all the specifications and compatibility requirements.



Deliver the prototype to the client and analyze the feedback. What hidden potential can still be unlocked? Are there any limitations?



If we are on the right track, then we keep refining our concept. If not, we go back to Step 3 and sketch some more.



Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you find our work and approach interesting. Also, please reach out if you can imagine working for us. Follow us — @negativelabs

Joerg Merz

Berlin Germany

Art Director

+49 152 28438130

Leo Merz

Stuttgart Germany

Interface Designer

+49 1573 8843937


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